10 Top-Notch Sales Funnel Templates To Manage Your Business


In the age we live in, if a business doesn’t have a proper sales funnel, or if it has a leaky one, none of the new leads will ever convert into paying customers. And that would be quite a shame, now wouldn’t it? In this post, we will be looking at the top sales funnel templates that can drive your growth.

Sure, managing your business’s funnel is no walk in the park, and, in reality, many marketers have a hard time turning their leads into customers. In fact, a study shows that only 25% of leads result in sales mainly because of a poorly executed in-funnel lead nurturing campaign.

By building an effective funnel, your prospects will get all the valuable information they need in order to make a purchase. In other words, you will be able to guide your prospects throughout the entire lead nurturing process automatically. Sign up for our workshop on Building and Running $1MM Funnels.

All they have to do is relax and enjoy the ride (provided that you’ll have a tedious plan ready for them).


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A strong sales funnel can attract new prospects and take them down a specific road. There they can find out what your business is about, what you offer, and, eventually, become a customer by making a purchase. Moreover, it is crucial that new leads only get information that is relevant and useful to their current mindset. So, don’t jump ahead and bore them with beside-the-point details.

Since funnels are a set of events that are aimed to turn leads to prospects and then to customers, the process of setting up funnels can be as simple as a squeeze and a sales page. Otherwise, it can get very tricky and involve multiple elements and stages.

Industry-Proven Sales Funnel Templates

We have put together a list of 10 sales funnel templates that will help you optimize and streamline your marketing efforts. You are free to use them however you wish and it only takes minutes to get them running.

So, just pack these sales funnel templates with the content you want and you’ll have a funnel that is eager to start converting.

All in all, check out what sales funnel templates we’ve garnered for you to find out how to enhance your business!


1. Squeeze Page Funnel

Squeeze Page Funnel 

This is a simple, yet comprehensive single-page website funnel. Visitors can opt-in to get special info and offers. You are welcome to include an overview of your business, your offer, and mix in different CTAs across the page.

The opt-in form a.k.a. the squeeze page comes up in a pop-up that steers the website visitors onto your thank you page. However, the thank you page is a copy of the initial page, with the exception of the content you place there. Instead of encouraging your website visitors to opt in, thank them for opting in.

The smart thing to do here is to update your homepage, then copy it and use it as a thank you page.

Don’t waste time doing the same thing twice.

The funnel has different sections that you can navigate your visitors to. You can achieve this through custom-built website navigation tools. All you have to do to get this baby running is insert the link to your blog and you’re good to go. Your blog readers will jump to your homepage and then to the opt-in form.

Just what you wanted!

In addition, you can find the contact form at the bottom end of the page. There you can include possible screenshots and map links. Remember to use your logo and your own content instead of the filler text.

Moreover, if you have a product for sale online, you can even add upselling options to this funnel.

This sales funnel template is meant to be used by local businesses as a homepage. It gets visitors to leave their emails and gives you the opportunity to start a dialogue.

As a local business, you can boost the number of people who will actually come to your store.  Send out free item coupons that customers can only use at your physical location, as opposed to online.


2. Product Launch Funnel

Product Launch Funnel

Image Source


This specific product launch funnel is a 5-day challenge. Thanks to this striking opt-in page, your business will be able to acquire quality leads. They will register for your product launch sequence and the nurturing process will commence. Find out how to bring in significantly more leads to your business by claiming your free copy of “The Complete Guide to Lead Generation: 120 Tips to Skyrocket Your Leads” here.

In the videos, talk about your company and product, plus cover what you want to achieve over the course of almost a week. Include pages with individual presentations. But do not forget to insert a download button to give your leads a way of getting new content on a daily basis.

Content is your best friend – don’t underestimate it!

Your copy plays a vital role in increasing day-to-day lead engagement. It needs to peak right before your product rolls out to maximize conversion.


3. Webinar Funnel

Webinar Funnel


With the webinar funnel, you are able to sign people up for events and webinars using the above squeeze page. Your leads will have the opportunity to get information, such as who will be speaking at the event, when it’ll take place, plus a general overview.

Take advantage of the available features to offer one-on-one consultations via an additional pop-up page. In fact, a lot of people will actually ask for advice. Furthermore, various buttons on the opt-in page serve as an additional method of reeling in those leads.

Once your website visitors register for the event, you just have to give them a shout-out. Steer your now leads (not just visitors) to your thank you page to further guide them in the process.

There they’ll learn about what comes next:

  • check the inbox to confirm their registration,
  • mark the event date in their schedules, and
  • let their friends, followers and other social media contacts know they are going to attend an exciting event.

And now, last but not least, it is a fact that more people find it more convenient to go online via their smartphones. This is exactly why all of the pages in this funnel are up to modern times and are mobile friendly.


4. Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

This is a sales funnel that gives your shoppers the freedom to buy as many products as they wish all in one go. Moreover, they won’t have to re-enter their credit card info over and over again.

Break your products down into separate categories to make it easier for your shoppers to go about their business – a revamped shopping experience.

On the initial order page, you can promote a certain product at a bargain price, and even offer an “order bump” to go along with the main product.

Thanks to the website’s navigation tools, your customers won’t have to worry about a thing other than finding the product they want. Of course, they can easily check out or continue shopping without having to organize anything, but when they are actually done shopping, they just have to click the “Complete My Order” button.


5. Landing Page Funnel

Landing Page Funnel

A well-developed landing page funnel has a straightforward navigation system. It directs your website visitors towards your ultimate goal, whatever it may be.

The template above can be used by any business that wants to attract more people to use their service.

So, the layout and navigation path are very simple. You do not want to puzzle your visitors by including too many options or distractions on your landing page – the next step has to be crystal clear.

If you decide to include some sort of form on your landing page, keep it down to a minimum and only ask your users the essential questions. Otherwise, they will be overwhelmed.

Besides, it really helps if you know your target audience and where it comes from. If you are just getting started, customize your landing page according to your customers’ page of origin. That’ll boost your chances of having a leak-proof funnel.

Of course, you have to fill your landing page with simple, engaging content and images that your visitors can immediately comprehend.

Putting it short, always keep it short and to the point!

With this template, you can have your landing page up and running in under an hour!


6. Thank You Page Funnel

Thank You Page Funnel

Once your website visitors fill out a landing page form, you usually send them to a thank you page. There, you put your leads back on track and give them access to whatever materials they were promised in the previous stage (guide, video, eBook). Moreover, you can and should use the thank you page to continue nurturing your leads and take them down your funnel.

Remember that you have already sold something or got some valuable information from the people who arrive at your thank you page. This is when they least expect you to make an upsell offer and you should definitely make a move.

You can, in fact, squeeze in another CTA or form that is related to your lead’s previous action, keeping them engaged in the buying process.

Meanwhile, as you are setting up the template or your very own thank you page, take the following tips into account:

  • Say thank you right off the bat – this adds a human touch to the whole process and lets the customer know that everything went according to plan.
  • Make it possible for visitors to go anywhere on your site right from the thank you page. As a result, this will definitely make it easier for them to explore every corner of your site.
  • Alternatively, provide them with additional resources or content based on their previous actions, thus adding value.
  • Finally, place social share buttons to inspire your visitors to let their friends know what offer they signed up for.


7. Video Sales Letter Funnel

Video Sales Letter Funnel

As a general rule, video will dominate over long reads 9 times out of 10 regardless of the type of copy.

In fact, videos are very helpful no matter where the customer is on the journey – just getting started or returning for seconds.

The above funnel together with its templates are based on a tried-and-tested conversion method that is used by many modern businesses.

This funnel template includes the video sales letter page that is supported by the video spoiler box. Video spoiler boxes are there to provide an overview of the video. Let people know what topic is coming up next in the video, and they’ll watch it longer.

The order form can be found on the same page. Therefore, they can proceed with the purchase right there and then. This is also a huge conversion booster.

Moreover, this VSL template gives you an opportunity to include a One-Time Offer page. Furthermore, it has an email marketing sequence that will send your videos to your subscribers in order and one by one.

Finally, you can plug in a thank you page and an upsell template to increase conversion even further.


8. eBook Funnel

eBook FunnelThis is the perfect funnel for promoting an eBook. The thing is that itfeatures an opt-in form that collects email addresses that you can use to drive traffic to the sales page.

Just like before, insert your own images and text. And you know the drill.

This funnel is not as simple as an opt-in form, and in it you can attach videos, OTOs, strategically place various calls-to-action and even provide social proof to maximize conversion.


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9. Agency Customer Generating Funnel

 Agency Customer Generating Funnel

Image Source


So, if you are engaged in coaching or your business provides agency services to people, you’ve come to the right place. This funnel was designed just for you.

The purpose of this conversion funnel is to get leads from “A” to “B” as quickly as possible, with “A” being the first time they see your services and “B” being a sales call.

Leads go through the following steps in this funnel:

  1. Valuable Offer. Start with on offer that will be of value to your leads. After all, if you study your target audience, you’ll know what their biggest pain points are and will be able to put pressure on them. As a general rule, training videos and case studies are good freebies. They’ll help your leads answer a few basic questions and raise their awareness in the problem. Besides, learn how to bring in up to 97% more leads by downloading your free copy of “The Complete Guide to Lead Generation: 120 Tips to Skyrocket Your Leads”.
  2. Deliver On Your Promise. Stay true to your promise and give your subscribers what they expect. If you promised an eBook or a video, send them over to your subscribers. In fact, videos are great at capturing attention and convert much better than copy-based pages.
  3. Application Form. Nurture your subscribers until they are qualified for a sales call. In other words, give them everything they need in order to move them through the funnel. Meanwhile, you can exclude unqualified leads by asking your subscribers to fill out a form, asking them everything you need before scheduling a call. Once they complete the application, they can either register for a call or wait until you contact them.
  4. Call Booking. With this funnel, you can arrange call times automatically and skip cold calling. Subscribers can see when you are available and book a call when it is convenient for them. Besides, tell your subscribers that there is a limited amount of time for calls, so that they take it seriously. Thus, it will prioritize the call and will encourage your subscribers not to miss the date.

From there, it is up to your phone communication and closing skills.


10. Re-targeting Funnel

Retargeting FunnelImage Source


This, unfortunately, isn’t a funnel per se. Yet, you can still set it up for your own campaign and yield amazing results by winning over people who’ve turned away from you.

Are you looking for a way of turning your Facebook ad traffic into sales?

The best approach to take is to build your ad campaigns around your blog, videos, and copy. Provided that you have quality content, at some point your blog readers are bound to click the link that takes them to your website’s homepage.

Once your prospect clicks an ad and is directed to your blog and then homepage, you can segment and put them in a custom Facebook audience. Thus, they are in a loop, enabling you to target them repeatedly.

Besides, you can create different segments based on how far readers get in the funnel. Did they opt in? If not, test to see what didn’t work for them and start re-targeting.

Meanwhile, the chart above shows an example of the actions and triggers that need to be in place in order to successfully retarget a reader. In short, the purpose of this flow is to get readers to opt in and leave their emails.

Nevertheless, you can retarget people regardless of where they are in the sales funnel. Sometimes, you even need to remind returning valuable customers of a hot limited-time offer.

To help you get started, here’s a 6-step action plan for your retargeting funnel:

  1. Firs of all, create highly-engaging content like a blog, a guide, a video or a report.
  2. Insert a lead magnet like a discount or a free eBook and get your visitors to give you their emails.
  3. Take advantage of Facebook’s custom audiences to boost the conversion rate.
  4. Using Facebook Power Editor, create advertising content and put it up online for a while.
  5. Wait until your custom audience is big enough and start retargeting. Direct users to your landing page and expand your list of leads.
  6. See how your ads are doing in a week and check to see how you can improve the numbers.

Setting Up Facebook Custom Audiences

In addition, watch the video above to get an understanding of how to configure your custom audience using Facebook Power Editor.



All in all, every business has its own unique target market and approach to marketing, and there is no one-for-all approach.

The aforementioned sales funnel template examples have proven to be useful for a specific purpose. However, if your business has some gaps that can be filled using these templates, start setting them up!

Of course, you are free to combine and mix all the different types of funnels to achieve greater results.

So, focus on what problems your business has and apply the appropriate sales funnel template to acquire more leads!



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